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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wow.. Alot has changed in computer land

Well, it looks like they have changed my blogger site.  Wow!  Don't know when that happened but perhaps within the last month.  So far, it's o.k.  We shall see. 

Well this summer is going by fast.  Maggie had church camp last week and had a ball.  I finished up 28 rounds of radiation and now I am getting a 3 day boaster.  So radiation for me Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Yes, I had it today.  (YUCK)  I still hadn't gotten over the pain it had stirred up and then had about a 2 week break from it and now back again but at least only 3 days worth.  I immediately got sick on my way home.  Poor Maggie!  I had to pull over off the road and take care of business.  I wasn't able to eat most of the day.  Maggie had 2 of her friends over today and she had planned this and bless her heart, she was asking did she need to call them and tell them not to come.  I told her no, let them come, this should pass.  Well I made it through the day.  I got sick a time or two more but the girls don't know that.  Maggie had a good time and she wasn't worried about me.  Libby and Julia are wonderful kids and they are very much at home in our home.  They know where the cups are, where the ice is and they know they can help themselves to anything.  Low maintenance kids - Yay!  and for the most part they get along well the 3 of them.  I love the house when it is full of these girls  This is the one thing I have missed since last year.  I don't think we have had as many of those types of days.  I had plans to make a fun cake yesterday but because I felt so bad I didn't do it.  I thought the girls would like it.  You put pop rocks in the frosting.   One more thing about these two girls, they go to church with us and I think the world of them along with several other kids at our church.  We have great kids there.  I also think the world of their grandparents.  They are God fearing and God following people.  Both are excellent teachers and I am glad to know them and have them be a part of my life.  And not to leave their mom out, she is pretty cool herself.  So cool in fact that we absolutely have to park beside each other at church.  It is a must and our girls think so too.  And for the last thing about them.  Every Sunday in church we have a meet and greet your neighbor where everyone goes around and shakes hands with those around them.  Well at that point in the service, I am usually in the choir loft, so I shake hands with those in the choir.  My daughter always comes up to give me a hug and Miss Julia does too.  That makes me happy.  I look forward to those hugs.  She just doesn't know how it makes my heart smile by that simple act. 

Since I am on simple acts I will also tell you that there are a few more simple acts that every now and then I get wind of that put a smile in my heart.  Yes, they usually involve kids.  I had another friend today tell me that her daughter Emma prays for me every time she prays at breakfast, lunch, and supper.  How sweet is that?  I have also been told of other children that pray for me on a regular basis.  I know God hears those prayers so in return I pray for these children.  I pray that God will bless them, keep them safe, surround them with love, guide their feet and keep them from harm.  I pray His Will for their life and I pray that they will always acknowledge his presence and know that He is there for them even if they mess up at times.  What a great group of children!  They love God  and let his love show through them. 

Well, since it is 130 in the morning I might try to get some sleep again.  Radiation later this morning.  - yuck.  But I will say the crew working in there is GREAT!  I don't know all their names but thanks Shawn, Paula Sue, Nicole, Beth and others that have made receiving these treatments happy times.  Dr. Scarantino is my doctor over there and he is wonderful.  Great bedside manner and he treats me like a person, not a patient.  Hats off to the Radiation Center! 

And just in case I don't get on here before them.  I am heading to Alabama with Maggie, my mom, and my nephew in a couple of weeks.  I can't wait.  I am so looking forward to it.  It is always fun there.  No stress and I can just chill as needed.  We are going to see my Aunt and Uncle in Alabama!  YAY!!!  Love It!!!

I'm done, really I am.  Keep Praying everyone and Keep Looking Up!!!!


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